43rd annual Shizuoka Hobby Show was held in Shizuoka city , Japan. Shizuoka is the place where the major scale modeling maker such as Tamiya, Hasegawa, Fujimi and Aoshima were established . 70,000 people were expected to attend this biggest scale model show in the world. Along with all major Japanese hobby maker, 131 scale modeling clubs were gathered and exhibited over 5,000 models in the floor. I have experienced most precious moments in my life. Thank you Tamiya for inviting me to this great show. Also I would like to say thank you Mr. Goto and Mr. Iino who support this trip to Japan.
2004 Shizuoka Hobby Show 5/15-16
My Missouri diorama was packed very carefully by Cort Vallens (Tamiya America) and shipped from Los Angels to Japan. Only one parts were came off. Thank you very much Cort. I appreciate your support!
Tamiya/con 04 booth
with Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya, Mark Glidden and Jeff Corder
with Tamiya staff
from left Mr. Yukihiro Unno, Mr. Toshinori Goto, Me, Mr. Shinichi Iino and Mr. Shingo Hirata
Japanese top scale modelers Mr. Yamada and Mr. Kaneko were interviewed.
with Mr. Takuji Yamada, AFV expert
with Mr. Tatsuya Kaneko, diorama expert
with Mr. Kiyotaro Oki, 1/700 ship expert
with Mr. Yasumasa Matsui, TV Asahi announcer & model builder
I presented Narita Masataka Award to Mr. Noriyuki Kato who built wonderful track diorama.
The diary of Acchan.
Mr. Kato's diorama
2 day events were very successful and gathered lots of people!
my best friends
from left, Mr. Shinji Hagino, Me, Mr. Takeshi Yamazaki with his lovely daughter and Mr. Takahiro Komatsu
They came to see me from Tokyo.
with Mr. Fukunishi, Hasegawa
with Mr. & Mrs. Aoyama.
We are all from Aichi-ken!
speech at the party
with Mr. Masashi Sone,Tamiya
He is the designer of both 1/32 F-14A and 1/350 Missouri which I submitted Tamiya/con 04.
Akihabara is the most famous electronic town in the world. But also famous for the scale and figure modelers recently.
with Iino-san, Mark, Jeff and Goto-san