Dragon's 1st annual scale model contest was held in Ontalio California . I went to this Expo to see my friends from Japan. They are Mr. Kaneko, Mr. Yamada and Mr.Doi, three kings of Japanese AFV modeler. Dragon USA invited these 3 nice gentlemen. I brought Hasegawa's F-4G for the contest and won 2nd place in 1/48 & 1/32 airplane category.
10 airplanes were entered to the 1/32&1/48 airplane category
1/48 & 1/32 Aircraft All Types, All Eras 2nd place
Mr. Rosenkrantz's impressive 1/16 Tiger 1 diorama
2004 Dragon Expo "Weekend Hero" 6/26-27/2004
Tiger 1 under California blue sky! This one was used in the movie "Private Rian". Base tank is T-34.
Show floor was filled with many 1/6 action figure shops
Mr. Tatsuya Kaneko's wonderful diorama was brought from Japan.
Mr. Tatuji Yamada's newest vinet was shown here for the first time.
Mr. Masahiro Doi's very beatiful camofrage Narthhorn.
The Stuart is about to start her engine. The M1A1 Abrams is also exhibited as you can see in this picture.
With Mr. Doi and Mr. Kaneko.
1/6 R/C tank Demo