1/32 Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle

The pinholes on backside of nozzle cover are too obvious to neglect them. Put putty on them and sand it.
エンジン内側はアルクラッド ジェットエグゾーストで、外側はペールバーンメタルでエアースプレイ。アルクラッドは薄める必要もなくそのまま使えるので非常に便利。

Hand-spray Alclad2 Jet Exhaust for the inside of cover, Alclad2 Pale Burnt Metal for outside.
Alclad is very handy because you do not have to thin it with thinner like other solutions.
エンジンカバー外側は組み立ててからアルクラッド スティールでエアースプレイ。テンションバーは組み立て前に塗装しておく。

Spray Alclad2 Steel for the outside of built nozzle and tension bars before glued.

Use white primer for the inside of nozzle, then spray Mr.Color white, followed by enamel washing for weathering.

Put putty in the joint gap between wing and body underpart.

Sand well.

Preparing the overall undercoat, Mask all white painted part. Use "fun tack" to support masking tape over big hole.

Seal engine duct.

Hand-spray primer all over the entire body. When dry, spray Mr. Color 305 for just under part. For the upper body, paint nose and vertical fin at the same time to avoid slight color difference.