1/32 Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle

After paint, enamel wash.

Rub off excess enamel to clean up. Point is to rub off perpendicular to the panel lines. Leave some enamel for natural used look.
For the parts masked by tape around the gear box, hand-paint acrylic Mr. Hobby 305, as lacquer is not good for hand paint.

Pods with decals.
Spray these parts under the wing at the same time when under body sprayed.
After weathering under part of body, spray Mr.Color 305 for upper part of body, simultaneously nose and vertical wings. It's important to use same bottle of paint to avoid slight color difference. Also mix paint well before usage.
Cut off the margin before applying decals with scissors. But sometimes it's easy to cut off after applying with knife as shown in above picture.

Enamel silver is nice accent for tiny metal parts.

Before applying flat base spray, mask metal part. Slippery condition is good for metal spray.