Base kit is an Academy's first 1/32 F/A-18C. I converted it to A version with Blackbox resin set. It includes cockpit and horizontal stabilizers. I also used Aires exhaust nozzle resin set. I like its seamless duct.
Put putty into big pin marks. I also removed the partition lines with putty. It is hard to see though.
I closed this hole with a plastic film first. Then I put a mesh which comes with the kit onto it.
Blackbox resin cockpit set is really nice.
Blue Angels conversion needs these instruments on the hood.
I sometimes build several kits simultaneously, since some process is same and it's efficient to do so. Especially to spray cockpit and bay.
I always spray gray white to bay instead of pure white. I mainly use Mr. Color No.69 Grandprix White.
Dry brushing is essential in cockpit. I always use silver enamel onto black cockpit.
Tamiya's "Light"putty is evolutionary! It will ready to sand only after 5 minutes expose under fluorescent lamp. I use this when I am in a hurry.
The surface of some panels are need to be level flat with putty.
This one is also need to be fixed, too.There is big dents.
When I spray parts, I attach them on a cardboard with dual adhesive tape.
This empty tissue box makes me to scribe lines easy. I opened a hole on the bottom to put a wing through it. I attached two polystyrene foams to adjust the height.