I will build this brand new F-18F kit from Hasegawa with "Out Of Box" method this time. "Out of Box" means to construct without any 3rd party detailed up parts nor any customization . So it's easy and basic.
When you cut out parts, don't cut edge of parts, remain some sprue and sand it.
Use pin-vice to make a hole.
Cut out edges with a knife. I really recommend you to use very thin blade.
In order to make a clean rectangle shape hole, I use Hasegawa's scriber first, then
use a very thin blade cutter knife. This is a hole for the pylon.
Cut out remained sprue with a knife and then sand it.
I carefully put glue only inside of the surface in order not to go outside when they are attached.
I use pegs to make pressure for a few hours. I can't even hold them with my hands for several minutes. Use tools!
Roughly cut out remaining. Don't cut too much.
Then I sand it rough, too and leave it. I will sand it clean with higher number of sands after I glue parts together.
I am sorry that I said I will build this kit as "Out of Box"method though. I made a "I got it" shaped hand with epoxy putty. This is a only customization, I promise!!
I used a toothpick to shape this.
The pilot is signing "I am ready to go".
To remove "push pin marks", I put Creos's Mr. Dissolved white Putty. This is very handy. I love this product. You don't have to adjust the viscidity. However when you need to thin it, use lacquer thinner.
I use a motor tool to sand rough for this kind of narrow curved surface.
I really love this Urawa's "Minitor" . It was developed dedicated for hobby. I have a Dramel, but it's too much power for soft plastics.
Remove pin marks before glue them together. I used sand papers, #400, #800, #1200 and #1500.
Apply Mr. Dissolved Putty to the gap and wait 5 minutes.
Dip a cotton swab into "91%" alcohol.
Rub the gap. It's magic! you can easily remove excess putty.
Sand with #1500 paper to clean up.
Take same magic steps to remove a glued line.
I used a custom sand tool to clean this narrow space. I attach a small piece of sand paper onto the head of a cotton swab with strong both side adhesive tape.