IPMS/USA 's 41st annual National Convention was held in Phoenix Arizona from August 4th to 7th. It was very very HOT but dry! Temperature was 40C ( 105F ). It is called "dry heat". I drove 1200km ( 800miles ) from San Mateo to Phoenix . It took 15 hours to get there. 421 modelers competed with 2034 models!! I brought 8 models for the contest and won 2 2nd places and 1 Out of the Box award. See IPMS web site for contest results.
IPMS Convention Headquarter Hotel Hyatt Phoenix
Diorama Large Aircraft, 2nd place
with my boss, Majid
He won the first place for incredible bule T-55.
2004 IPMS National Convention Phoenix Arizona 8/4-7/2004
Highway 10 from LA to Phoenix
Contest floor filled with 2034 models!!
My best friend Jeff Corder
Diorama island.
Award ceremony was held in Hyatt from 6PM to 10PM on last day of the event. After the ceremony, we had to remove our models from the show floor. I packed 8 models and put those in my car. It was 12:00AM when I finished....
My 1/16 King Tiger competed with 30 1/35 German Heavy tanks.
There was no category dedicated for 1/16th scale.
with my friend Jim, winner for the Best Cold War of the show
He gave me a "Model Geeks" T-shirts
Aircraft Jet 1/32 & Larger, 2nd place
Miscellaneous, Out of the Box Award
GODZILLA vs German tanks
Jozef was attending from Slovakia . We have exchenged emails now and then.