Day1: Assembly
2004/11/4 start
Day3: Assembly
Day4: Assembly
Day2: Assembly
Day5-6: Still Assembly
Day7: Magic
Day8: Gear Gimmick
Day9: Cockpit
Day10: Fuselage
Day11: Air Inlet
Day12: Gear bay
Day13: ready for painting
Day14: final check
10 days recess
I went to Japan & Florida.
Day15: canopy
Day16: Seat
Cockpit Gallery
Day17: canopy adjust.
Day18: start painting
My both eyes got virus
infection 7 days ago.
It looks like rabbit's red eye now.
My face swelled and hard
to see. So I will take a rest
for a while till my eyes cured.
Sorry! Masa.

I am back!!
Day20: finish base painting
Day19: green or white?
Base painting Gallery
Day23:dacals & metals
Day22: Wash 2
Day25:finish up
Day24: Engine
2005/1/13 Completion